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Caggers Parts Part Clean Caliper
Caggers Red X-Type Calipers
in your choice of colour
Installed Caggers Parts Green Caliper
Installed Caggers Parts Powder Coated
Check out our available colours:

Our process is to have calipers ready for off the shelf purchase, either 'simply painted' or 'fully refurbished' including Powder Coating, new seals and sliders, and delivered to you on an exchange basis. This allows you to swap the calipers and return your set back to us once the job is complete. This obviously reduces the time your car is off the road and helps reduce the cost of the final parts.

If you have calipers you want refurbishing we can complete this work as well. Other services include diagnosis, installation and brake system bleed.

Other parts are available such as bonnet catches, new parts are being added all the time.

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Based near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England providing a quality service to the whole country.
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